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Disability Income Insurance

Insure Your Most Important Asset, Your Paycheck!

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if for whatever reason, you couldn't work?  Many people never ask this simple question until its too late and they are hit with an extended illness.  There are lots of people live who live paycheck to paycheck without ever wondering what would happen if that paycheck stopped?  Here are some simple questions to ask yourself if you have never considered Disability insurance.  


What happens if you can't earn income to support your family?  

1 in 4 twenty-year-olds will be disabled in their lifetime.


What happens if you become ill or are seriously injured?  

Medical hardships contribute to 60% of personal bankruptcies.     


What happens if you qualify for Social Security and it is not enough?  

The average benefit paid by Social Security is just $1100.00 per month.


My work takes care of my disability coverage why do I need more?  

Sometimes your employer sponsored policy could leave you with gaps in your coverage, it might only cover you while you're at your job, or it might end if you employment ends.