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Property & Casualty Insurance

Peace of Mind. 

Our Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers

We offer coverage for your home, rental property, farm, car, business, boat, bicycle... you get the idea. 

Auto, Motorcycle, RV & Boat

If you can drive it we can we can probably find coverage for it!  We can place your coverage with many of the same carriers you're familar with.  Plus you get the added benefit of knowing your agent and getting personalized service.  

Home, Renter & Farm 

Not all home owner policies are created equal.  Many times you don't ever look at the coverage you pay for until the hail starts falling.

 Even if you are renting make sure your personal possessions are covered.  Remember your landlord's insurance policy protects his property not yours.    

Insurance For Your Business

Being a business owner presents unique set of challenges in terms of protection and liability.  If you're self employed, or a small business owner give us a call and we can help.